Who We Are

We Build a Bank

Nava was founded in an effort to answer the following question:

How can we help as many people as possible?

However, we must define what we mean by help.  What does help mean in a world where wealth inequality, climate change, globalization, economic and geopolitical crisis are just some of the many challenges that are facing us?

What constitutes help?

Nava's answer is money.

Money, to be truly effective in today's world, must be freely exchanged, quickly and efficiently. Once money is in the right hands it can change lives.  Fund amazing projects, educate people, eradicate diseases.  We strongly believe that if we can empower people financially, we can change lives.

That is why Nava Ventures was ultimately founded, with the vision to provide financial services to everyone, locally and around the globe.

Deciding to become a bank is kind of crazy.  Nonetheless, we decided on it anyway, and with the right partnerships and support we just might do it.

We are a team of software engineers and data scientists who believe the best way to reach a global audience is through handheld devices.  We believe the future of banking is mobile.  With the emergence of distributed ledger technologies and our team's skill set in data and artificial intelligence, we started to work towards developing financial services for everyday people, with the intention of scaling globally.

We've overcome many obstacles and issues, and we fully expect many more. However, we believe in our vision.  We want to help people take charge of their financial lives, and we know this will have many positive outcomes in their life, and in the lives of their families.

So how do we help people?  Empower them, give them access to and control of their financial lives.  Give them opportunities to grow.

We build a bank.

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About Gurjeet Matharu

  • Vancouver, BC
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