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Personal Liquidity

When we think about liquidity we often think of companies. Liquidity is good. Liquidity is the ability to do things - to take action - the capability to apply money to problems and solve them.

It’s interesting that while liquidity is valued in companies, it’s rarely mentioned as a desirable personal trait.

So what is personal liquidity? I would define personal liquidity as the capability to apply resources to a problem, namely time, energy and money.

High personal liquidity would mean you have the time / money / energy to deal with whatever life throws at you, while low liquidity would mean you would have trouble dealing with even the smallest problems.

The last piece of the puzzle is knowledge. Without a plan, you could end up wasting time, money and energy - your valuable personal liquidity.

So the reason why we’re talking about personal liquidity is at Nava we want you to live your best financial life and stress less about money. That means helping you make the most of your personal liquidity:

  • We can help you with a plan by analyzing your spending and identifying opportunities for you to spend smarter
  • We can help you organize and pay your bills on time, every time
  • We can show you how to pay down your debt efficiently and reduce interest payments
  • We can help you work towards your savings goals

In other words, we can save you time, energy and money, so you can spend your personal liquidity on the important stuff - living your best life.

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